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Bored dogs quickly become destructive dogs when there is no stimulation around. They get sick of foraging for the same smells of their yard and go looking for something else to do.

Home Alone Dog ToyThe Aussie Dog Home Alone is a unique toy aimed at stimulating the senses of dogs. Ideally should only be hung up when all humans leave home. The top 5 ways a dogs senses become engaged are:

  1. When the toy comes out of the cupboard, the familiar sound means ‘tug-o-war’ or play time
  2. The smell of the goodies in the ball (that only are used with the Home Alone) starts the dog’s mouth watering and excitement builds
  3. Watching the colour of the yellow ball and the white bite handle swinging freely captures their attention and engages their need to hunt
  4. Grabbing hold of the soft bite handle stimulates the teeth and jaw muscles, while they tug and thrash with the toy
  5. Every now and again a little treat might just fall out and the yummy taste is the reward for your dog it has been looking for, for playing on its own

Giving your dog something to do when you are not at home is the key. So keep your best friend entertained while you are away with the Aussie Dog Home Alone. There are 5 sizes to suit all dogs, from the cutest of bouncy Terrier to the greatness of a Dane.

Pick the size that best suits your dog: