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Our friends Jeroen van Kernebeek discovered some bears who lived with a farmer for the purposes if selling bile. Now it’s illegal to sell the bile, so they encourages the farmer to come to the sanctuary and see how the bears could live freely. The farmer agreed to give the bears up.

In the Northeast of Vietnam, Four Paws are now building a new sanctuary for up to 100 former bile bears called BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh. BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh will enable the Vietnamese authorities to carry out their plans to end bile bear farming more effectively, as confiscated bears will be transferred to a species-appropriate home.

Four Paws are working with the government of Vietnam to save Bile Bears and use Aussie Dog Products. Hoa Lan and Hoa Tra, left quarantine last week and are now in their bear house where they can play with their Aussie Dog ball and lay in the hammock. Check out a short video. We only recommend appropriate toys such as the feed ball so it was relatively easy to use and not so noisy to help ‘enrich the saved bears and transition them into their new environment.

It’s tremendous to see how well the two get along. They spent 12 years in their cages being able to see but not touch each other. They’ve been outside briefly but still need to get used to it and they will soon be able to swim in their pools.