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Every dog has an inherent habit of sniffing and taking a bite of anything that relates to food. However, as the owner of the dog, you must be aware of the fact that not all foods are ideal for your dog.

Unlike us humans, dogs have a digestive system that cannot digest and process foods the way we can which is why they cannot eat a lot of things that we humans have no trouble to digest.

As the dogs do not usually care about what they are putting in their mouth, the responsibility falls on your shoulders to observe the food that it eats.

These five food items are strictly advised by veterinarians to keep away from the dogs as they can be life-threatening ones consumed. So without any further delay lets head straight to these foods that must be avoided from your dog’s food menu.


Whether the onions are raw, fried or finely diced and cooked, it is not at all favorable for the health of your dog and must not be incorporated in any of your dog’s meals.

This is because onions contain a substance known as thiosulphate which has proven to be extremely dangerous and poisonous for the dogs and can cause deadly symptoms ones consumed in larger quantity.

Therefore, try to keep them far from your dog’s reach and train your dogs to avoid any food that they smell has onion in them.


It is a very delicious food item that we all love to enjoy. Whether incorporated in deserts or by itself, chocolates are a delicacy that no one can resist.

However, the case is not similar to dogs. It is highly toxic for them and can complete damage their entire metabolic process. Chocolates contain methylxanthines which is what does the damage as this acts as a poison for the dogs.

So no matter what you do, always keep your dogs far away from chocolates of all type.

Grapes and raisins

Grapes and dogs are not the best of buddies. Both fresh grapes and dry ones are very dangerous for your dog’s health.

Grapes act as a poison for the dogs and once consumed can damage their organs and cause acute kidney failure.  It doesn’t matter what age and breed your dog is for the grapes are poisonous to them all.

So never lay a big fruit bowl with grapes in it idle on the table if you have a dog at your home.

Oily and fatty foods

This is one thing that is even harmful to us humans as well however, it causes more damage to your dog them us.

Our digestive system can easily process the oily foods but that is not the case for the dogs and can cause diarrhea and vomiting and several other deadly symptoms of consumed in larger quantity.


Avocados contain a substance known as Persin which causes an adverse effect on the dog’s digestive system and if consumed can make your dog vomit and cause severe diarrhea. Hence, always keep avocados away from them.


If you can successfully keep your dogs away from these food items your dogs will remain healthier and happier.

As the owner, you must keep a keen eye on your dog’s health and food habits and avoid these items at all times.

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Jeremy grew up in a house full of dogs, a cat and even rabbits. He recently decided to share his advice and opinions on his very own pet blog BestDogFood.com.