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EPRC Vietnam gets Aussie Dog primate enrichment toys

Gibbon playing with enrichment toy

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Our Joe met 2 lovely people, Bronwen Zande and John O’Brien, several years ago at an elephant camp in Thailand. They were spending a few days learning about Elephants, and explained they spent their holidays going around the world visiting different sanctuaries caring for animals. They are a great couple and we hit it off straight away so when Joe told them he made enrichment items for zoo animals, they requested if they could take something for the the animals on their next trip and so began a relationship with Aussie Dog Products.

So on a recent trip we provided Bronwen and John with some toys for their next destination The Endangered Primate Rescue Centre in Vietnam. This is what EPRC wrote about their visit:

It felt a bit like Christmas at the EPRC yesterday…. Christmas in September! This is because our two volunteers Bronwen Zande and John O’Brien from Australia brought so many primate toys with them to the EPRC. These toys were generously sponsored by the famous Aussie Dog Products zoo animal enrichment company.

It was not only the gibbons who were the first try these new toys, but all of our other primates were excited about these new toys, as were we, the zoo keepers.  At our center we usually build our enrichment toys ourselves using ropes, bamboo, wood, water-hoses, bottles, etc. But these new toys seemed interesting and novel. Some of our staff who have visited Western Zoos have seen similar types of zoo animal enrichment toys already but trying them here is something very different again.

So, enjoy looking at our pictures and we hope it puts a smile on your face when you see the fascination in both the gibbons and the keepers.

A big big thank you to Bronwen and John who brought the all these nice enrichment toys for the primates. And also a big thank you to Aussie Dog Products!

Endangered Primate Rescue Center, September 2018

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