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UpDog is dedicated to expanding the awareness and participation of people and dogs in athletic endeavours. We want more people and more dogs having fun, playing together.

So we designed some fun games built around the opportunity for every dog and human to work towards their own personal bests. You will have fun (play), you will earn achievements (achieve), and you and your dog will learn and grow (expand).

Updog Challenge Border Collie before jumpUpDog Challenge is a great sport as their games have levels for everyone, beginner people, puppies, elderly people & elderly dogs, in fact any dog and human can play. UpDog games allow you to achieve at any level. Puppies are permitted to play “on the flat” (no jumping) chasing rollers. Elderly dogs can also achieve by chasing a roller (a roller is a disc that “rolls” on its edge along a surface) and still gain achievements along the way as they compete at different competitions.

For the more astute trainer who enjoys competing or training in agility then UpDog games including Frizgiltiy, 7 Up and Funkey have key components of agility using bar jumps and agility tunnels, agility people and their dogs already have half of the skills needed for these games, they just need to develop their throwing skills and their dogs catching skills to Play, Achieve & Expand.

Updog Challenge Border Collie after jumpOther canine disc organisations only permit & approve certain competition style discs be used at their competitions. UpDog Challenge is unique in that they allow soft discs (material ones, or floppy rubber) to be used as some dogs are not ready to use the harder discs or availability becomes an issue (all completion standard discs are manufactured overseas). So almost any type of disc can be used at an UpDog competition anywhere in the world. The only disc not permitted to be used is a disc with a hole in the middle.

Aussie Dog’s Fly It Blue disc or Fly it Red disc with its unique centre hub or pimple has been approved for use at UpDog Challenge competitions world wide.

Disc selection is a personal one, there is lots of things you need to consider, your dog’s skill level is the first priority, for new dogs I like to start with something soft like a material disc, going directly to a hard disc MAY turn you dog off a disc from the start. Size is also important, for small dog and puppies smaller discs are available. Pet Specialist retail stores in Australia don’t stock competition discs so be aware some are cheap and brittle and could cause damage to your dogs mouth.

Kelpie dog going over jump in Updog Challenge eventUsing a soft disc, like a material, rubber or an Aussie Dog Fly It style disc give your dog the opportunity to engage with you in some key aspects of disc, tugging, throwing rollers or sliders, most of my dogs have been rescues with no skill level at anything so being patient and positive is the key.

We use a verbal reward mark to mark behaviour like clicker training, use a verbal marker with discs is much easier. Start simple with tugging, sliders, or rollers. Making sure your dog brings it back to you to engage you for more fun is the key!. You can then move to “Takes” before moving on to throws. (when not training your pup or dog practise your throws without the dog). Teaching you dog to go around the back of your legs both ways is also an advantage to your dog’s ability to “CATCH” discs.  More detailed training on can disc can be found on the internet.

Four Paws Sports trains, competes & presents a variety of dog sports including, canine dock jumping, Flyball, Canine Disc, and two types of dog high jump.

We travel around Australia doing live shows, compete locally and interstate as well as run casual classes on the Mornington Peninsula at Rosebud.

Rodney Gooch
Australian UpDog Challenge Representative
Australian UpDog Challenge Judge

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To find out more information choose the link to K9 – Disc in your State.

K9 – Disc Vic link- https://www.facebook.com/groups/1885903954989899/
K9 – Disc ACT link – https://www.facebook.com/groups/495796793959158/
K9 – Disc QLD link – https://www.facebook.com/groups/248034865646646/
K9 – Disc NSW link –https://www.facebook.com/groups/206732246468643/
K9 – Disc SA link –https://www.facebook.com/groups/248051392313497/
K9 – Disc WA link – https://www.facebook.com/groups/1913231505567445/