Built Safe. Built Tough. Let's Play!

Built safe,
Built tough.
NOW…Let’s play!

Aussie Dog only produces safe, durable and non-toxic toys for your best friend

Tennis balls are for tennis …
pop proof balls are for dogs!

Products to replace sticks …
WOW… no more gum injuries!

Aussie Dog Home Alone …
now alone time is fun time
for your best friend

Aussie Dog…
Innovative enrichment for all
creatures great and small


Aussie Dog Pet Products

Aussie Dog has over 30 products in the pet range. All our dog toys conform to our strict design principle – they must be safe, non-toxic and durable as well as stimulate the natural instincts of taste, smell, noise, touch and sight and chewing. Our dog and puppy toys are built to last and your best friend will love them!

Our Interactive range such as balls and disks are great for playing with your dog, while our Alone range are perfect toys for when you are not at home to help treat dog boredom and destructive behaviour.

Aussie Dog Zoo products

Since 1992, Aussie Dog has been enriching the lives of our captive friends. We are one of the few companies in the world entrusted to make safe, durable and non-toxic enrichment zoo toys for all kinds of zoos animals worldwide. Our zoo range now extends to over 150 fun, interactive and training toys for zoo animals great and small.

Our Friends

Aussie Dog are proud to provide zoo design services and animal enrichment toys and products to assist the many organisations around the world that are dedicated to animal welfare and conservation. Here are some of the organisations we support in providing support to our endangered friends.