Built Safe. Built Tough. Let's Play!

Now you have purchased dog-friendly toys for your furry friend to play with, have you thought about making your garden dog-friendly? Just because it is a wide open space to run around in, doesn’t mean there aren’t dangers for pets. Dogs are known to explore as well as become territorial so making some adaptations to the yard will allow them to follow their instincts as well as play.

You can start by:

  • Creating a pathway for them to ‘patrol’
  • Adapting your fence to prevent digging or jumping
  • Protecting your plants and flowers
  • Potting in hanging baskets or raised pots
  • Creating doggy ‘relief’ areas
  • Giving them water and shade

Your dog may feel the need to dig under your fence therefore you may need to build it deeper into the ground. Similarly, they may become territorial and patrol around your garden so creating a nice pathway for them will protect them from any areas of the garden that are not entirely safe for them. For more information, this article on making your garden dog friendly should help.