Built Safe. Built Tough. Let's Play!

Most dog owners get anxious just thinking about moving house. It’s true, it can be a stressful experience, but there are things you can put in place to make sure your pooch quickly feels at home. All Aussie Dog Products are designed to be safe, durable and non-toxic. Importantly, they also stimulate the dog’s natural instincts of taste, smell, noise, touch and sight. Read on to find out how our toys can be used to help your dog feel safe and at home in their new environment.

Play together, stay together

As we all know, moving can be a very stressful activity not only for us but for your dog too. Play is what cements the bond between you and your dog, and it’s important to incorporate play when it comes to moving house. A couple of weeks before you move, introduce your dog to a new toy and spend some quality time playing with it together. Make the time to interact with your dog and the new product. Anytime you’re visiting your new home prior to the move, take your dog and the new toy along if possible and try to incorporate a bit of playtime while you’re there.

On moving day, give your dog the new toy, preferably with a treat inside, as soon as you get to your new home. This will take your dog’s mind off the stress of moving by creating positive associations with the new house from the very beginning.

We were thrilled to feature this advice in an article by Advantage Petcare all about making your move successfully with your dog (and cats if you have them!).

The best toys to use

The Aussie Dog Tucker Ball and Home Alone Toys are both ideal aids for moving house with your dog. They’re safe to play with unsupervised if necessary and will offer a slow release treat that exercises all their senses. If no suitable hanging space is available in your new home yet for the Aussie Dog Home Alone then Aussie Dog Tucker Ball would be the better choice.

Use Aussie Dog Products to keep your dog occupied during the busiest parts of the move. Once the boxes are unpacked you’ll be able to enjoy your new space with your dog straight away!